Thursday, January 17, 2013

Zippered Crochet Purse with Lining

My sister bought a small portable sewing machine last year. You know, the one being sold on the TV Home Shopping channel? I don't think she uses it though. Because for small sewing projects, she still asks me to do it for her.

Case in point.

Pretty huh? Love the colors. She made this crochet purse and wanted to put a zipper on it. I told her it needs a lining first before we can put the zipper in. She said she didn't know how. I said I didn't know how too. The first time I ever sewed a zipper on a project was for my Old Jeans to Bag project. It wasn't perfect. I ended up doing the job for my sister's crochet purse too. It, too, wasn't perfect (hence, no close-up photos of the lining and the zipper, LOL).

So is there a special sewing foot I need to make sewing zippers easier???

(and someone needs to learn how to use her sewing machine! otherwise, just give it to me!! LOL)


Jill said...

Cute little purse Janelle! Yes there is a special zipper foot for sewing machines that allows you to sew close to the zip! It kind of looks like half a foot!

Kelley Dibble said...

Oh, yes! It's called a zipper foot! Gotta invest in one... You won't regret it!

*hugs* from Guam,

WeLoveSewing said...

Yes, you need a special zipper foot for sewing in zippers, which allows you to sew very close to the teeth. You should be able to buy one in Divisoria somewhere, but take a sample of one of your other feet with you, as there are sometimes difference between brands.There is another zipper foot specially for invisible zippers too, but I haven't managed to find on in the Philippines yet.

Deepthi said...

I had that machine too. I broke it while I was trying to stitch a bag for myself :( They r pretty delicate. And it cannot be repaired coz spare parts are difficult to get. so be careful while using it.