Monday, October 11, 2010

Official Goodbye to DBJ

I started running an online business via Multiply back in 2007. Designs by Janelle was a product of a creativity surge brought on by boredom. Business was great and soon, I started selling items other than the ones I made myself. There were challenges, but the rewards were worth it. Times change though, both for me personally, and for the online community:

  • It is now legal to sell in Multiply (it wasn't when I started, haha!) which resulted to a sudden increase in the number of online sellers and soon, to the number of fraudulent transactions and hostility online. It became stressful reading through the updates every morning and seeing people screaming "bogus" post after post.

  • I also got busy with work and family. And soon, had less time to spend on running a business. So in 2008, I decided to close shop

Yesterday, after lying dormant for almost 2 years, I finally said "good bye" to

The account is deleted now. Maybe in the future, I might start another one. But for now, I have other priorities.


xingkit said...

why o why? wala pa yung hamsa bracelet ko! :)

Janelle said...

Yung ginagamit kong workroom... kwarto na ni Andrea... :( So yun, wala na akong space, and wala na din time. Oo nga pala no? Bka pag laki ni Andrea ng konti, pwede na ulit :)

nicquee said...

I really like your designs kahit di ako madalas na order. I hope pwede ka pa rin gumawa ng ilang pieces. Hahaha!

I'm thinking of closing Bizshonato too.

Janelle said...

Nicquee, dadating talaga sa point na sobrang stress na no? :( Though sayang sana ang money-making opportunity. Pero syempre, priorities... May additional Maxyn ka na ngayon :)