Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Doll Dresses

After I cleaned up the little girl dolls from Andrea's stash, I lost interest in the 2 Barbie dolls that came with it. Both Barbie dolls were in good condition but their hair were a little messy, their gowns a little dated, and they didn't have any shoes. At the time I was able to straighten their hair a little using hot water: pour hot (supposed to be boiling... but I was afraid of scalding my hands) water on the doll's hair, then comb (to straighten) or style and allow to dry (to set). I'm an amateur at this (and I didn't use boiling water as instructed), so it didn't turn out as neatly as I had hoped. I will probably try again.

Anyway, I have also been downloading doll dress patterns online and have been excited to make my own for a while. I was so inspired by the DIY doll dresses I saw online. Those people make it look so effortless! However, after I tried making a pair of pants and seeing the outcome... let's just say that's when I lost interest. I planned to just buy Barbie clothes at the mall but they were a little expensive so I put it off and told myself, I'll wait until Andrea and Helaena are old enough to appreciate the Barbie dolls before I spend money on it.
Last weekend however, while shopping at the mall, I saw a few dresses for a doll named "Haidee". I think it's made locally. The gowns are being sold for only P100 (around $2.50) each. The quality was not as good as the original clothes made by Mattel but some look good enough. I chose one and bought it to see if it will fit the doll:

It does!! And the dress is not bad either.

I'll buy more when I get the chance to go back to the mall.

More good news on the doll arena... last weekend, I also went to Divisoria (THE flea market of Manila). I saw doll dresses as well and they only sell for P40 (less than $1). I also bought one but it doesn't fit as well as the one I got at the mall. But they also sell doll shoes that fit Barbie dolls for only P25 (around $0.25) per pack! And each pack contains 3 pairs of shoes. I'll post pictures when I get around to taking proper photos.


xingkit said...

you are giving me IDEAS!!! which mall are you referring to?

Janelle said...

Hazel, Landmark sa Trinoma, dun sa toy section nila. Madaming baduy pero meron din mga may potential ;)

Chris said...

Wow! I like the doll in the photo. Since my daughter likes green color so much, I'm sure she will like the doll too. Her doll collection is varied. Both pink and green dolls in different designs are her favorites, though. Recently, she showed me her doll-related presents from loved ones, like clothing for 18 inch dolls, books about dolls, notebooks with doll prints and doll accessories. Honestly, she still can't get enough of clothes for 18 inch dolls! :)

Thanks for sharing! I'm also inspired of the cute doll patterns found online.

art cabrera said...

Hi, what mall sa divisoria ung bilihan ng shoes? Tnx

Tin K. said...

Yes, what mall in divi yung dolls dresses please? :)