Friday, May 15, 2009

Loose Change

I wonder what is it with men and coins. Almost every guy I know has kept a stash of coins somewhere at some point in his life... in big jars, ash trays, tables. I mean when I get coins, they are usually the first to be spent to get them out of wallet. They are heavy when they accumulate. But men don't seem to do that. They get small change, put them in their pockets, and seem to forget they have them.

I recently acquired a new addition to my household... my housekeeper/future nanny Jene (pronounced "Jenny", but that's how she spells her name). When she arrived, I put her to work cleaning the house (and that's when I realized I really don't know how to clean... I could never get my house that clean! But that's another story). I decided to do a little general cleaning on the bedrooms upstairs as well. And that's when I found them. Small stashes of coins on tables, inside ceramic vases, drawers, bookshelves.. everywhere! Put all together they make a decent medium-sized pile. Some are even old coins, the kind that are no longer in circulation. I don't get where they come from... I thought I found all the old coins around the house last summer already. Apparently I missed a lot.

Anyway, I separated the old coins from the new ones and put the new ones in a coin bank.

We've had this coin bank for 2 years. It's made of metal (like a real LPG tank) so it's a bit heavy already even when empty. MG's dad won it in a raffle and left it in our house. It's about a foot high and 1/6 full from all the coins I found (plus a few from my wallet) .

I wonder how long it will take me to fill it and how much I'll get?

NOTE: MG decided to be uncooperative since he recently got a coin purse. He refuses to donate his coins to my coin bank and doesn't leave coins around the house for me to find anymore.

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