Monday, August 11, 2008

Nissin Cup Noodles for the Kikay Soul

Heartwarming stories that will touch your soul (NAKS!!!)

The Ticket

All ticket-holders at Disneyland are entitled to get FASTPASS Tickets. A FASTPASS ticket will allow you to skip the looooong lines for certain rides. However, you can only get FASTPASS tickets once every few hours (I think).

Anyway, MG and I were too lazy to look for the FASTPASS booth when we got there in the morning. We tried some of the rides and lines were long but the wait wasn't that bad so we figured we don't need FASTPASS tickets anymore. That was until we reached the Indiana Jones ride in the afternoon. We've been looking forward to trying out this ride all day but when got there, the line was long, and it was posted that the average waiting time was 50 minutes. I decided to look for the FASTPASS booth then but when I found it, they have already stopped issuing FASTPASS tickets for the day. Having no other choice left, we decided to wait in line.

When we reached the line, a man approached me and asked if I want his FASTPASS tickets. I didn't understand what he was saying at first and he asked me again if I wanted his FASTPASS tickets. I couldn't believe it! He has two but he won't be using them anymore. I took the tickets and thanked him. Among all the people in line, he picked us to give his tickets to! :) MG and I were able to skip the line thanks to that wonderful stranger who decided to help 2 tired-looking tourists that day :)

The story didn't end here.

Later that night, MG and I wanted to try one more ride before we went home but we were pressed for time so we were looking for one that didn't have a long line. A teen-age girl approached me and asked me if we were on a date. I was surprised and asked her why she was asking. She told me she has 2 FASTPASS tickets to a nearby ride that she won't be using anymore and she wanted us to have them! :)

Maybe I'm just not used to having strangers helping me out but it was really nice knowing that there are still people out there like them.

Rewarding Points

I have meant to write this story since last week, because I didn't want to forget and I want to remind everyone that kindness exists in places where you least expect it.

MG and I went to the mall last week to watch The Dark Knight. When we got there, there was a 3-day sale going on so we decided to check out some of the shops before going to the movie theatre.

We were at one store, when a lady approached me and asked me if I have an Advantage Card (a type of loyalty card where you earn points every time you shop at certain stores). I said yes, thinking it was a kind of promotion stint. She then asked me if I want to use it with her purchases. She was shopping and made a big purchase but didn't have an Advantage Card so she was hoping someone else can earn the points. I was really surprised that this lady took the time to look for someone who can take her points. Normally when I go shopping and I don't have my card with me, I just tell the cashier I don't have one and don't think twice about it. I accompanied her to the register where I presented my card and thanked her for her thoughtfulness :)


xingkit said...

three words: pass it on.


Janelle said...

hahaha, naisip ko nga to when I read an article somewhere naman about some people with umbrellas helping office people in Ortigas cross the road on a rainy day :)

apple said...

galeng =)