Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Bag Organizers

I've been hearing and seeing these things online for quite some time now and I don't understand why I never got one earlier. It's so... convenient! Just put all the stuff you put in your purse there and when you have to change purses... just move the entire thing. I won't ever have to forget my i.d. and access card ever again! (I hope...).

The one I bought has a gazillion pockets and compartments!

Ok, that's exagerating.

It's about 10" x 8"... the size of a medium-sized bag. This size suits me and fits inside most of my bags. I need a big one because the cosmetics bag I carry with me everywhere is already about 7" x 5" big. My bag organizer has 3 compartments, 3 inner pockets, 1 inner zipped pocket, 3 side pockets for cellphones, 3 pen holders, a key holder, and a small coin purse.

Price: P180.00 (Approx $4)

Smaller ones go for P150 (Approx $3.50) .

Bag organizer inside my hand bag.

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