Monday, April 12, 2010

The Horror Story that is my Electric Bill

Ok, so I've been hearing on the news about the El NiƱo affecting the availability of hydro electric power. Without the cheaper hydro electric power, power generation charges are expected to rise.

Hearing about it is an entirely different story as experiencing it. Its true meaning hit me as I received my electric bill last Thursday. My husband's grim tone when he said "Oh... here it is..." as he handed me the bill should have warned me but as my husband tends to over react on anything concerning expenses, I just gave him the how-bad-can-this-be-look as I took the envelope from him.

I wasn't prepared.

This is not the first time we indulged in airconditioning use. And yet our worst electric bill so far was nothing compared to our electric bill last month. It makes you rethink how "unbearable" should unbearable really be before you hit that on switch for cooler air.