Thursday, November 27, 2008

UP Grand Centennial Ball

Are you guys going?

- o -

The UP Alumni Association, Inc. (UPAA) will host “The Last Hurrah! A Grand Centennial Ball” on December 16, 2008 at 6:00 p.m. in the Reception Hall of the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC). The ball will feature the Grand Centennial Raffle where a Mercedes Benz and a Nissan Sedan will be given away as grand prizes, (P1000/ticket); a trade fair and exhibit, dinner catered by Via Mare, live retro music from the country’s top ballroom bands, and surprise numbers by celebrity U.P. alumni.

Tickets for the ball are available at one thousand five hundred pesos (PhP 1,500.00) per head. A table for twelve (12) persons is available at eighteen thousand pesos (PhP 18,000.00). Interested parties may contact the UPAA Secretariat at the Ang Bahay ng Alumni, Diliman QC.

Inquiries may be sent through telefax number (632) 920-6868 or email at,

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Simplemind... Literally

A friend from highschool recently got stabbed after she was robbed in a cab in Makati. You always hear the warnings: lock the door immediately after getting in. Be it in a car or a cab. She didn't. So robbers were able to get in the cab with her, and rob her, and then stab her.

She's ok now.

This morning, I got into the back of a cab, and tried to lock the doors immediately after getting in. The front seat was pushed far back so I couldn't reach the front door lock from where I was sitting. I asked the cab driver to lock it. He just looked at the lock and sighed loudly and did nothing. That annoyed me, but just a little, maybe he just didn't understand me the first time. So I asked again. And this is when it got really annoying.

He tried to reach for the lock from the driver's seat without leaning a bit to the side. Of course he won't reach it. He then turned to me looking annoyed and said...

Driver: Ikaw naman, ang aga-aga eh... (It's still early)
(turned his head back on the road, WITHOUT locking the freakin' front door, and then in an angry tone...)
Driver: Bakit, na-hold-up ka na ba? (Why, have you ever been robbed?)

I snapped. Either his cab company name suits him really well (Simplemind) ir he was planning to rob me that's why he wants the front door left unlocked.

Me (in an equally angry tone with a look that says he will disintegrate if he doesn't shut up soon): Hindi pa, pero bakit ko ir-risk? Kailangan ko pa ba hintayin na ma-hold-up ako? Paki-lock. (No, but why should I risk it? Do I have to wait until I get robbed? Please lock the door.)

As expected, that shut him up until I reached my destination and he finally did lock the door.

Was that so hard to do? Of course, he didn't get a tip.

Cab details:
TYB 878
Phone Number: 277-30xx

Here's one more thing. I tried to call the number painted inside the cab door. The lady who answered told me that the number I called is not a cab company and she has never heard of Simplemind. That's why I hid the last 2 digits. Before I hung up, I just told the lady that her home number is painted inside some cab roaming around Manila.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Re-acquainting with the MRT

I haven't taken the MRT (Metro Railway Transit) since I left my previous job in Makati almost 2 years ago.

Up to that point, riding the MRT has been an integral part of my work week. Morning and night, for 4 years, I have taken the MRT, Line 3 (the one that traverses EDSA). And if you live in Manila, you know what that means.

Long lines... an endless sea of humanity... and then me in high heels, all packed inside a train compartment where you almost can not feel the air conditioning anymore. But you endure. Because the MRT is still the quickest way to get to where you want to go within the vicinity of EDSA.

Until 2 years ago.

Nowadays, my work area is outside the route of any line of the MRT. I now take a cab to work, and then an airconditioned "FX" (a van that has been converted into a form of public transportation that travels on a fixed route, usually without a permit to operate from the local government) to go home. More convenient, more comfortable... less stressful. I have grown complacent.

Last Monday, I found myself needing to take the MRT again. I attended a 3-day training in Makati which started last Monday. That morning, on the way to the venue, I took a cab. I was also planning to take a cab on my way home, but by that time, it was 6 PM... in Makati. Think RUSH HOUR, in capital letters. Therefore TAXI = IMPOSSIBLE. It's off the MRT station for me.

And then suddenly, everything I managed to forget in 2 years came rushing back to me:

I have forgotten that it was a long walk from where I got off in Glorietta, to the MRT station... when you are wearing high heels.

I have forgotten that the escalator from the ground level to the station does not work most of the time so it's like taking 2 flights of stairs up... on high heels.

I have forgotten that only the trains are air conditioned... the station is not. I must have lost a quart of water from my body through sweating the 30 minutes I was in the station.

I have forgotten how tightly packed a train compartment can get during rush hour.

I have forgotten that it's actually a long walk from the MRT station in Ortigas to Megamall... when you are still wearing your stupid heels. I lost about another 5 ounces of water again walking.

I have forgotten that I used to wear flat sandals on my way to and from work. I leave my high heels at the office so I won't actually have to walk in them for long distances. That's how I survived.

And then I remembered... this experience was one of the reasons why I left Makati 2 years ago.

PS: Brends, thanks for deciding to take your car on the second and third day of our training!

NOTE: And yes, after all these years of having a license, I still can't drive. Scares the hell out of me. But that's another story for another day.

Friday, November 7, 2008

There are Days...

Good thing I have a beside me*.

*This is not an ad for Coke Light. I just really, really like Coke Light. I've been a Coca Cola addict since college.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Helaena Comes Home

Irene and Helaena finally left the hospital yesterday so I rushed home to mommy's house after work to finally pinch little baby's cheeks. But I took a little detour to SM for baby socks because mommy said that the booties they got Helaena kept slipping off her small feet.

Yey! Tita loves any legitimate excuse to go footwear shopping!

At SM, I had about 8-10 pairs in my basket because there were so many to choose from and the baby socks were so cute. I decided to call my mom to ask exactly how many pairs they need.

Janelle: Mommy, how many do you need?
: Just get one.
Janelle: What do you mean one??? One piece???
: No, one pair!
: I know that! But what do you mean one??? I have about a dozen here in my cart already.
: Ok fine make it two. We already have 3 pairs of socks plus her booties. We just need a few extra until she can wear her booties already.
: Just two??? What colors do you have already? Baka wala pang ka-terno yung ibang outfit nya.
: What outfit?? (Janelle: hello, mom?? small onesies + blanket + mittens = outfit!! duh!) Hindi pa sya madunong nun. Ok, bahala ka na nga. Don't buy a lot, she won't be able to use them when she gets any bigger.

I managed to trim my purchases to 6 pairs, making sure that each of her cute onesies has a matching pair of baby socks, plus a few headbands and ribbons which Irene told me she can't use just yet... sad :(

Monday, November 3, 2008

Spot the Difference

I bought this bag (bottom photo) for P999 from Celine (the local brand) about 3 months ago, when they were on sale because I thought it was pretty. At the time, the bag looked familiar but I couldn't quite remember where I have seen it before.

A few days after I bought the bag, it finally dawned on me where I saw that bag... from an online blog about purses. So I decided to check it out again and saw a photo of the Prada Fairy Bag (top photo).

Looks the same right? So Celine copies designs... interesting.