Monday, February 15, 2010

WARNING: Stupid email from "Yahoomail Team"

I was checking my Yahoo mail this morning when I saw a message from "Yahoomail Team".

When I opened the email... this was the message:

Apparently, someone is trying to prey on the unaware.

1. Yahoomail Team... why is your email ""?
2. And why was the addressee Dearest... I am not mvi_alcantara.
3. Oh please, I hope everyone knows by now that no legitimate entity will ask for your user name and password. They would have it in their database.
4. And last... if they want to check which accounts are inactive, they have automated tools to do that.

UPDATE: I started writing this blog as soon as I saw the email. I took a short break while writing this to read the rest of my email and saw that I have a lot of suspicious emails from my Yahoo contacts. I think some of them actually believed the email and sent someone their user name and password. The weird emails are asking me for money. Tsk tsk tsk.


Lost Girl said...

my mom once received an email from a friend saying that he is somewhere in UK, got mugged there and was asking that she send money to him. Funny thing was my mom's friend was in Italy at the time but he was a priest so she wondered why he would be elsewhere. A few days after that, her friend texted that his email got hacked daw. grabe noh?

nicquee said...

I get similar emails! And the one LostGirl mentioned, I got that one too.

Grabe talaga mga hackers!

Janelle said...

Nakatanggap din ako ng email about being mugged in the UK. Well the email now says that she is in Europe and that she left in a hurry because her cousin is sick. The email says that she needs a loan of $1500 daw dahil kailangan sa hospital. Thing is, saksakan ng yaman nung nag-send sa kin ng email na yun. Tsk tsk tsk.

MinnieMadz said...

I normally receive such too. But I do ignore them for I know that they were not legit. I am used to spam mails. Legit Yahoo have their icon on the email list.