Monday, March 1, 2010

How do you travel with a baby?

This is a question, not a "tips" kind of post.

We are scheduled to take Andrea on her first out of town trip this April (sa Subic lang naman). She would be around 6 months and coming up with the list of things we need to bring for her stresses me out already.

Here's my current list:
  • Clothes & Diapers - won't take up much space because well... her clothes are small;
  • Bottles;
  • Sterilizer - for her bottles, since we're staying there for 3 days;
  • Car seat/carrier - she's used to being in the car seat every time she rides the car and I prefer it that way;
  • Stroller - Not sure about this, but I keep thinking that she may need a safe space to lie down and take a nap when we're out;
  • Baby bouncer - a must... everywhere she goes where we know she will be staying for a while, this must be with her;
  • Crib/Playpen - I am not sure about sleeping arrangements. I am thinking we can do without this, but if it would still fit in the car, I want to take this since her Playpen is the type that folds and fits into a bag (a rather big and heavy bag... but still, portable);
  • Her pillows;
  • Walker - we don't have one yet but she would be using one around that time already;
  • Bath items;
  • Distilled water - to be sure, just in case for some freak reason I won't have access to distilled water in the place we're going;
  • Milk;
  • Baby food - she's not eating yet, but she would be around that time;
  • Blender/Juicer - I will need something to prepare her fruits and juice in since she can't take the ones that you buy off the grocery shelf.


nicquee said...

You have a long list and I bet that list will still grow.

Ayex was about 4 months old when we took her to Pangasinan for Holyweek of 2007. We just took her clothes, bathing items, water, a baby carrier (the one you wear). These are the only things I can remember.

She slept with us on the bed (her blanket in on top of the bed sheet). I think we brought her stroller too.

xingkit said...

Where are you staying? If in a resort or a hotel, you may want to check whether they provide a crib for babies. We stayed in one hotel (not in Subic, though) that provided us with a "pack and play" similar to what we have at home so I just made sure na malinis ang linens and Maia was good to sleep.

Baby toiletries, medicines (ex. paracetamol in case of fever), and of course thermometer.

Yun lang muna. :)

Janelle said...

Sterilizer? How did you sterilize bottles??

@Hazel: Sa Subic Homes kami e, not really a hotel. A furnished house that they rent out to tourists.

xingkit said...

sterilizer we always bring. mas toxic kasi 110v ang sterilizer namin, we have to always bring our transformer.

ask your pedia pala if she would recommend benadryl na for allergies. you might want to consider bringing a bottle, just in case.