Monday, December 14, 2009

The Philhealth Experience

I made it a point never to look at the deductions column on my payslip because I know that the figures will only upset me. I know approximately how much I'm supposed to receive every payday and as long as I get around that much in my bank account, I don't ask questions anymore.

That was until I was about to take my maternity leave and was submitting forms and preparing requirements for my maternity claims from SSS and Philhealth and I finally did the unthinkable... I looked at my deductions. After 6.5 years of working, I finally felt SSS working for me. I received my regular salary during the time I was on maternity leave (I opted for continuous salary instead of the one-time payment of P30k for normal delivery I think). Philhealth on the other hand...

*deep breaths*

While I was preparing my claim forms, a co-worker suggested that I ask our Human Resources department for a certificate of my Philhealth payments in case the hospital asks for it. So I did. When I finally received that piece of paper, I was surprised. So that's how much I was paying for for Philhealth. And yet, what am I supposed to receive in return? Based on information I received from our human resources, the maximum I can receive from Philhealth for a maternity claim was P4500. That's the maximum. Actual amount approved for me was only P2000 (amount deducted from my hospital bill due to my Philhealth claim). That was after 6.5 years of continuous payments. I'm feeling a bit resentful.

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