Monday, September 28, 2009

Calling 117

This is just a side story to our typhoon Ondoy experience.

While my husband and I were watching TV, there was a car parked near our house whose alarm went off. We weren't sure who owned that car but whoever it was was either not home, or deaf. He/she won't turn the alarm off.

My husband went out on his bike to check the situation in our area for a few minutes and while he was out, I went to our bedroom and realized that the car alarm was very loud because the car was parked on the side where our windows are and there was no way we could sleep that night until someone turns it off. I sent my husband a message to ask for help from one of the police patrol cars usually stationed near our house.

When he got home, he told me he didn't see any patrol cars so I should just try calling 117 because he noticed that the car looks abandoned... there wasn't anyone inside or nearby, but the car windows were half open.

So I tried calling the emergency number, 117.

Some emergency number... it took several tries but I was unsuccessful. I was able to connect once because I saw my cellphone counter starting but all I got was dead air. I was charged for that call. My husband tried calling as well and all he got was a recording that says "For emergency calls, please dial 1-1-7." Hello??? We were dialing 117!

My husband finally decided to just go out and go to the police station himself to report the car but as he passed it, he saw some people pushing the car towards the end of our street (the owners? car thieves??). That ended our car alarm problem but I was still annoyed at 117.

What if it really were a life-threatening emergency?

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