Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fighting Inspiration

Last Sunday evening, while watching TV with my husband, a necklace design started floating around in my head out of nowhere. I was hit with a sudden desire to make that necklace but I knew I was faced with several setbacks:

1. I knew I wouldn't finish it. The design was elaborate, and I don't have enough time.
2. I knew I don't have some of the materials I'd need and I knew I would get frustrated if I get stuck due to lack of materials.
3. I don't have a workroom anymore (hello nursery!) so I put away all of my jewelry-making supplies and taking them out will mean a day's work of lifting and moving heavy boxes.

I tried to suppress the feeling by thinking of other things, but the desire lingered. And before the night was over... there were 2 designs fighting for attention inside my head. It was hard for me to sleep that night because in my head, I was already revamping my dormant (or dead, if I want to be completely honest) jewelry business.

Come Monday and though I woke up really, really early, I spent the entire morning in bed, debating with myself if I want to go to work or give in to my burning necklace obsession. I was so tempted to walk the dusty roads and brave the crowds to visit my suppliers, but practicality and the concerns of adulthood won and I eventually managed to get out of bed and off to work (arriving late!). And there is nothing like the cold office environment to kill every creative bone in your body.

Tuesday came and while surfing through the blogs I was following, a blog post by my friend Nicquee, led me to Amore Vintage's site.

Darn it! Inspiration is persistent! X(


nicquee said...

Gawa ka na kasi ulit!

Janelle said...

I want to go to Quiapo to buy sterling silver materials and more crystals!!! *sniff*