Friday, July 24, 2009


I meant to post this yesterday but for some unexplained reason, I was actually busy at work.

Anyway, after moping and simmering in silence at home since Monday night, my husband sent me an IM last Wednesday announcing that he "thinks" he was able to retrieve 90% of my pictures.

He loves me :D

Remember I mentioned in my previous post that he backed up all our data in his hard drive at work before he reformatted my now-busted external hard drive? He deleted the files from his hard drive after he transferred everything back to the external hard drive. He tried to recover those deleted files. When I got home, I checked the files he recovered. Most of the pictures from before 2007 are backed up in CD's. Most of the pictures from 2008 up to present have copies in my brother's PC at my mom's house. And other pictures I still have at my PC at the office. So my husband was right, we will be able to rebuild about 90-95% of our archives.

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