Thursday, July 16, 2009

5-Year Supply of Perfume

Pinoy showbiz muna tayo! :D

I heard on the news last night that courting KC is just a ploy cooked up by Piolo. I don't think they mentioned to what end. Promotion gimmick maybe? They also mentioned that Piolo might be quitting showbiz for good. They didn't say why either, so I'm guessing he probably wants to run for Congress in 2010.

Anyway, speaking of Piolo and KC reminded me of a showbiz news item last weekend, I think (or 2 weeks ago?). It says that Piolo brought KC 5 years supply of her favorite perfume from his trip to Europe. While that may sound like a very gallant gesture, I was thinking... 5 years? Did he get her a gift certificate or something? Because if he got her one big bottle, or even several small bottles... would they really last 5 years and still smell the same? Because from my experience, perfumes (even the more expensive ones) start to smell funny after 2 years.

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