Friday, May 8, 2009

Tweet... Tweet...

"Follow me on Twitter!"

I have always been intrigued with this Twitter business since I saw Ellen De Generes asking people to follow her on Twitter. And then Oprah, and Britney, and then I learned that there is a host of other celebrities there too.

I was checking out Scott MacIntyre's MySpace page this morning (yes, I am still a fan and if I can't watch him on Idol, I'd settle for stalking him on the web) and saw that he is also on Twitter. So if anything can inspire me to Twitter, that was it. I was curious what Idol Scott was Twittering about. I created my account this morning and connected to a few of my friends who are already on Twitter.

I don't get the attraction though. Why would you want other people to know what you are doing all the time? I get why celebrities do it. I mean there are many people out there (including me!) who are curious about every minute of their lives.

In any case, I am on Twitter but I don't really post anything so I won't ask anyone to "follow me" (which I find creepy anyway... why would anyone want to know what I'm doing?) I just use it to keep updated on my favorite celebrities. I'm still building my account so right now, I am only following:

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