Thursday, May 7, 2009

Instruction Manual for Future Parents

Roselle sent this to me via email this morning. She was right, this is sooooooo informative! This had me laughing all morning.


Janelle: That's how the stork does it though, right?

Janelle: Not recommended for children below 3 years and with IQ's below 140.

Janelle: Shiatsu?

Janelle: Washing with baby with hose will only work if mixed with fertilizer. Will make baby grow faster.

Janelle: Dryer not recommended for babies. Heat will make them shrink.

Janelle: This one actually has merit to it.

Janelle: Hello? Mommy?? Baby can't drink from a mug yet. Please transfer coffee to a baby bottle.

Janelle: I don't get it. I used to do this to my brother Lester when he was a baby.

Janelle: Tip, it's rude to pick someone else's nose. Let baby do it himself.

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