Friday, May 22, 2009

How is it not clear?

In spite of the news that Influenza A (H1N1) finally hit the country, the scandal involving our favorite doctor/singer is still the favorite news fodder. I took a cab to work this morning and the driver's radio was tuned to a news station that was giving updates on the scandal. Since Katrina already gave her statement to the senate yesterday, Hayden, Vicki and some other guy are being called today to give theirs.

While navigating the roads of C5, manong driver was giving me his commentary on the entire situation*:

*(mostly paraphrased since I can't remember his exact words)

Manong: Wala namang mangyayari sa reklamo nya (i.e. Katrina) kasi ginusto din naman nya yung nangyari e.
(Translation: Nothing will come out of her complaint since what happened was consensual)

Usually, when taxi drivers start their commentary on whatever topic, I choose to remain quiet, giving a perfunctory nod or a tight-lipped smile every now and then, to show them I am not interested. I just want peace and quiet as I ready myself for another working day ahead.

Manong driver's initial statement was already a bit off but I decided to ignore it. I turned my head and looked out the window without saying anything. Apparently, he didn't get the hint.

Manong: Kahit kaninong abogado ka magtanong, walang mangyayari sa kaso na yan kasi mukhang hindi naman sya pumapalag and I'm sure, nasarapan din sya sa ginawa nila e, di ba?
(Translation: You can ask any lawyer, nothing will come out of this case because it was consensual, and I'm sure she enjoyed the act).

At this point, I decided to say something.

Me: Hindi naman po sya nagre-reklamo dahil may nangyari sa kanila... yung reklamo po nya dahil vinideo yung ginagawa nila ng hindi nya alam. At ngayon, nakalat pa.
(Translation: She wasn't complaining about the fact that they had sex... her complaint was that they were videotaped during the act without her knowledge. And now, that video was released to the public.)

Manong: Kahit na, ginusto pa din nya yung nangyari. Yun nga lang, kumalat ngayon yung video. May kasalanan din yung naglabas ng video. Wala na syang matatago. Pag nakikita mo nga sya ngayon nai-imagine mo pa din na nakahubad sya.
(Translation: Even then, she still gave her consent about what happened. Only now, the video was released to the public. The person who released it was also at fault. She can't hide anything now. When you see her now, you can still imagine her naked.)

I was beginning to get irritated. What the hell was he talking about that happened that was consensual? The sex? Of course it was freakin consensual... they were in a pseudo-relationship at the time. But that was not what the complaint was about. Where the hell did he get that idea?

Me: Maaring ginusto nga po nya yung nangyari, boyfriend po nya yung tao na yun at the time e. Pero hindi naman nga po yun yung nire-reklamo nya. Yung pag-take po ng video yung nire-reklamo nya kasi hindi mo nya alam na vini-video sila habang ginagawa nila yun.
(Translation: She might have given her consent regarding the sexual act, he was her boyfriend at the time. But that was not what she was complaining about. Her complaint was against the act of videotaping their private moment without her knowledge.)

At this point, the cab reached my destination. Which was a good thing because I could feel my temper beginning to flare. What the hell was he thinking? Where did he get the idea that the poor woman was filing a complaint because they had sex??? That story has been running in the news, several segments, several programs, for a few nights now. Some people still didn't get it? I hope manong driver's ideas is not reflective of the general public. The women involved are dealing with enough as it is.

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