Monday, April 13, 2009

And the Dream Ends...

...for Scott McIntyre on American Idol.

The last episode when he was voted out actually depressed me. I only watch American Idol to see him perform. Now, I don't feel like watching the rest of the season anymore.

I actually missed one post, for March 31 when he performed Just the Way You Are. The judges loved him them and said his performance might be one of the best for the night.

But on April 7's performance where the contestants picked songs from the year they were born, Scott sang The Search is Over while playing the guitar. I love the song, I liked the performance, though it was a bit pitchy, but the judges hated both the song and guitar-playing. And on April 8, Scott received the least number of votes and was sent home.

He had a chance to be saved by the judges because as Simon said, 2 of the judges wanted him to stay, and 2 agrees with America's choice to send him home. I had hoped that he would get the save but in the end, he didn't.

In spite of this turnout, I still believe that Scott is a talented artist and that there is a future for him in the music industry. I'm looking forward to hearing more from him in the future.

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