Friday, March 27, 2009

Who is Scott MacIntyre's brother?

I've been checking my blog statistics for the previous weeks and I keep seeing the search keywords "Scott MacIntyre's brother". I've been curious for a while and seeing the interest of people Googling him made me more curious.

So I did a little Googling of my own.

We first saw Todd MacIntyre at Scott's AI audition, and then a few more times after that always in the background, helping his brother find his way around the stage. I posted a link to a video of him from YouTube back in February. I was looking for videos of Scott's audition in YouTube and found videos of Todd instead. Todd is also a good singer and I was thinking that he might be auditioning for American Idol next year. But then I saw this:

If he has a CD out, does that make him a professional recording artist, disqualifying him from American Idol? Hmmm... I wonder if I can find his CD here?

Anyway, from Googling, I came upon his Facebook page and his MySpace page. You can listen to more of his music on his MySpace page.


Scott Fan said...

Only contestants who have previously been with a major record label are disqualified. Both Scott and Todd produce their own CDs independently (ie - NOT a major label, so both are still OK to compete, as well as with their family singing group.

Janelle said...

Oh so that's how it works. Great, so he can still audition then. I hope he does.