Monday, March 9, 2009

Wavering Resolutions

What was I thinking???

I said I wanted achievable targets.

Number 7 in my list of resolutions states that I should limit purchases to 5 pairs of shoes and 2 bags for the year.

It's only March and I've already used up my bag purchase allowance for the year (I totally forgot about the limit I set on myself!! grrrr!!!) and I already bought 2 pairs of shoes!! And today, while surfing, I saw this on a blog:

Crocs Malindi in Leopard.

And this:

Crocs Olivia in Black

I like how the Crocs Olivia has a hole on the side for Jibbitz :) I'm thinking a gem or a small red heart Jibbitz will look great on this!

Priorities... priorities... I like the Crocs Malindi in Leopard better.

What am I saying??? I hardly ever use the Crocs Lena that I bought a few months ago. Wow, come to think of it... I forgot about them already. I really should put them somewhere where I can see them.

Well, I am looking for flat shoes anyway so there's no harm in checking out that Crocs Malindi in Leopard. I'll check them out at the Crocs store tomorrow :)


xingkit said...

hmm the crocs in leopard will match my leopard bag... :D

Janelle said...

so what are you waiting for??? Bili na!! hahahaha!