Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Urban Dictionary: Janelle

I got this link from one of my contacts in Facebook. It's another one of those notes where you are supposed to tag people but since I'm running out of people to tag, I decided to just explore the site.

On the note circulating around Facebook, the first item is to look up your name. So I looked up "Janelle" and this is what I got:

The most Beautiful Australian name that ever existed, usually given to beautiful Australian females. common nicknames include Nelly Nel Jan.

Wow... I love my name! :D


Anonymous said...

Here's mine:
a girl who spells her name the wrong way because she thinks she different. but deep inside she likes to shake it like a salt shaka.


Janelle said...

Hahaha! Gawa ka na lang ng sarili mo. I think pwede ka gumawa ng sarili mong definition sa Urban Dictionary e :)