Friday, February 6, 2009

Scott MacIntyre is still in the game!

I really hate it that he is not being given airtime. His group performance was not aired in last night's episode. He was only given a very brief shot... like 2 seconds? Along with other people who made it through group round. But anyway, he's still in the competition! And I still have reason to watch American Idol! :)

I'm not really an American Idol fan. Last season was the first time I watched... and I watched because I was rooting for Jason Castro. I stopped watching religiously after Jason was voted off.

Anyway, last night's episode (February 5) was the group round. My favorites among the performances aired were the first group's performance, and the performance of the group that went a capella. I was hoping Scott's group's performance would be aired but... oh well.

Watching that episode was stressful. All that drama! It really is difficult working with other people. You have to consider that you have different strengths and ways of doing things. What's important is that everyone understands the objective and that you find a way to accomplish that objective given your team's unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Working with a team, you can not insist on doing things just your way. And I think that's why some of the participants struggled.

So far there are still 75 contestants left. And they all know that only 36 (I think?) will make it through Hollywood week.

Oh, again, I tried searching for videos of Scott MacIntyre on YouTube with disappointing results. There were, however, a lot of videos of his brother Todd singing, with Scott on the piano. Todd is good too. Maybe we will see him next season. Here is one of those videos.

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