Monday, February 23, 2009


I received a disturbing message from my cousin earlier on Friendster. She said that someone is pretending to be her, using her pictures and adding her friends and relatives, and that I should delete that account from my list. I checked my friends list and there are 2 accounts in her name, with similar profile photos (my cousin wearing a purple gown... only my cousin is using a close-up pic, and the fraud is using a pic with her sitting).

Not sure which one is real, I sent my cousin a message on her phone to ask her about it and she confirmed that she was the one who sent me the message on Friendster. I deleted the fraudulent account and asked her about her Multiply account. She said she doesn't have one. is a fraud.

I already deleted that account from my contacts list as well.

I don't know anyone who is sick enough to pretend to be someone else. It worries me since I restricted access to my online accounts to my friends only and I only add people I really know. By adding those fraudulent accounts, I gave a complete stranger access to the stuff I uploaded online.

I guess this is another reminder to everyone to be careful about what we post online. Because that fraud probably got my cousin's details and photos somewhere on the internet and he/she was able to get enough to fool my cousin's closest relatives (her brothers also added that fraudulent account) and friends into believing that was her.

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