Monday, February 9, 2009

The Black Hole that was Smart, hehe

I realized about a month ago that there are no photos from when I was in Smart uploaded to my Multiply account. Though I created this account after I left Smart, I already found the time to upload photos from SVI (the company I worked for before I came to Smart) and photos with my MTM classmates (classes I tool before I came to Smart), and almost all photos I have after I left Smart.

It's as if the time I spent in Smart did not exist... the black hole of my existence

A little exaggeration there. There are other photos in between that I never took the time to upload. I was just too lazy to go through our old photos to see which ones I should be uploading. But the recent scare with losing some of our photos made me take the time to sort photos and upload a few selected ones here. After all, I did pay for this account to serve as my back up. So in a few minutes, I will be uploading photos from the time I was with Smart. Then next week, I can upload other old photos as well.

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