Thursday, February 12, 2009

AI: Hollywood Week, Round 3

It was still Hollywood Week and the contestants got to sing solo with back-up musicians/singers or using their own instruments. I'm a little confused with the results though.

1. Michael Castro got eliminated. I can't really say if he deserves to be or not. Why? Because we never saw any of his performances for Hollywood Week. It was really a letdown for me because I was really curious about him. I was a Jason Castro fan last season.

2. Tatiana Del Toro is really annoying. I mean, I already noticed last week but she was particularly annoying last night. Her wide-eyed, scared-to-death, crying-in-the-corner look was so over-the-top. Drama queen. Wasn't she initially assigned to the room that got eliminated? She should have been. But I read on another blog that she made it to the Top 36. What????

3. So far, my favorites are Scott McIntyre (of course!), Danny Gokey, and his bestfriend Jamar. I already saw Scott and Danny on the list of the Top 36 but what happened to Jamar?

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