Friday, January 23, 2009

LPG Shortage: True or False

The first time that news of the LPG shortage broke out, I didn't pay much attention. Our household (i.e. me and MG) consumes only about 1 - 2 tanks per year.


We hardly cook.

Ok fine!! I hardly cook.

I was thinking our tank won't run out until after this crisis is over but of course it did. And I'm beginning to really feel it's effect.

I called 2 different dealers. No one was answering at the first dealer so I tried the second dealer. No answer... but I was persistent. I was finally able to get through last Sunday but this was the answer I got: "Wala lahat, walang stock, wala lahat, as in wala, walang stock, lahat..." (None whatsoever, no stock, everything, none, really, no stock...). I initially thought it was a recorded message but then the speaker paused and I was able to get in a meek "Excuse me po..."

"Walang stock." (No stock.) Wow... so... final!

"Ok po, pero kelan po magkakaron?" (Ok, but when will you have stock?)

"Paki-try sa Monday." (Please try on Monday).

Well, Monday came and went and I'm still using an electric stove (which, by the way, is so so sooooo inconvenient to use! )

Which brings me back to my topic. Is there really an LPG shortage? Because someone told me they probably just don't want to sell to the public because of the low price. They're probably waiting for the prices to go up before they start selling. In the news, they are also suspecting dealers of hoarding. I just don't know how true this is.

But if this were true... here's my message to you hoarding dealers: If I can survive on one tank for one year, I can definitely survive without one! I don't like cooking anyway! Who needs you?!?

But that's just me .

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