Thursday, January 29, 2009


Janelle's Beautiful Conscience: Janelle, you don't need a laptop bag because you don't have a laptop.

Janelle: MG has a laptop.

Janelle's Beautiful Conscience:
Yes, but you never bring it anywhere. And it's not yours.

...So I need a laptop too???

Janelle's Confusing Conscience: No!! What do you need another one for? You already have one!

Janelle: But you just said it's not mine?

Janelle's Frustrating Conscience: You know what I mean!

Janelle: Ok, so I need to buy a laptop for my future laptop bag.

Janelle's Really-Annoying Conscience: YOU DON'T NEED BOTH!

Janelle: Just the bag then?

Janelle's Conscience: What?!? Just... just get the bag...


m-dramatique said...

i wonder: was that conscience real? or you were just putting in "conscience" to solidify your arguments?
hahahaha :P

Janelle said...

Hmmm... I don't know... whatever works I guess, haha.

I didn't get the laptop bag by the way. We discovered recently that our laptop has a crack on the case so I'm hoping I might get a new one before I get the laptop bag... just to make sure it fits :)