Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Going Green

Last week, Trend Micro sent us this mailer and a survey to get the employees' take on a possible green initiative:

*Computations were made based on a 1,400 headcount.

I never realized we had 1,400 employees here. Side effect of not wandering too far from my cube.

888,000 plastic cups? Ouch! And 634 cups were possibly from me!! Add this to my carbon footprint and I am in so much carbon debt. O, the guilt! I made a resolution to use only 1 plastic cup per week but it wasn't working out very well due to the cleaning diligence of the kuya's and ate's here at Trendlabs (they keep throwing away the plastic cups I keep on my desk that I plan to reuse). And now I realize that 1 plastic cup per week is still too many. So I brought my own mug.

Mug courtesy of Roy last December 2007 :) Just in case you see this, o ayan Roy, ginagamit ko!

Regarding paper usage, I am glad to say I have very minimal contribution to that one. I hardly ever print and when I do find the need to do so, I print on scratch paper. I don't know why people here need that much paper... almost all documents are shared via email or thru the team portals.

I do leave my computer on when I go home... so guilty on that one. Because starting my computer in the morning takes too long! Leaving the computer on will generate approx 1.5Kw in one year... I can live with that. I'll just add that to my carbon footprint debt.

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