Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Scary Story

Something weird happened to me on my way home last night.

I took a cab home from our team party last night. I had the cab drop me off at a supermarket near my house in Katipunan because MG asked me to get something for him on my way home. At the supermarket, I tried calling MG twice, but his phone didn't even ring. I figured the networks were having problems again .

As I was walking home to my house, my phone rang and I saw it was MG calling so I answered my phone. For a few seconds, I couldn't hear anything and I just kept going "hello?" several times. Still no answer. I checked my phone to see if the call connected or disconnected. The call was still active and the timer was still running so I put the phone back in my ear thinking it was just a bad connection.

That's when I heard a voice on the other line saying "Tulungan mo ako..." (Help me) before the line went dead. I froze. I heard the voice clearly. The voice didn't sound like MG's but it sounded like whoever it was was in pain and was having difficulty speaking. I tried calling MG's number but the his number can not be reached anymore. I panicked for a few seconds and started running towards my house until I realized someone else might be at the house with MG and I wouldn't be able to do anything alone. So I backtracked and ran towards the police patrol car stationed near our house every night. I told the police about the call I received and asked if they can accompany me to my house. The 2 officers offered to take me in the car but I told them I just live nearby and started running back towards my house again. One of the policemen followed me on foot and the other followed driving their patrol car.

Then my phone rang again. It was MG. I answered my phone and heard MG's voice this time.Clearly. He was asking why I called him earlier. I asked him where he was and told him I'm on my way home with the police. He sounded confused and asked me why. I told him about his call earlier, and that I heard someone on the line asking for help. He said he did call me earlier and he heard me saying "hello" over and over but that it seemed I couldn't hear him so he hung up. I told the police that the caller was my husband and they said they'd accompany me to my house anyway because someone might be there and was just forcing MG to call me to tell me everything was fine. I was confused already because MG sounded really normal.

When we got home, MG met me at the door and we explained to him about the call. The police asked him the regular stuff, if he was ok and if someone was inside the house. MG looked genuinely surprised and told us that everything was really ok. So we thanked the officers and went into the house.

The call still scared me. The voice sounded like it really needed help. MG kept telling me that it might be a cross line since the network seemed to be having problems all night. I want to believe that it was a cross line. But it if is, then there was someone calling someone else asking for help and I was the one who got the call. I still think it's really weird that I only heard one phrase, and that phrase was "Tulungan mo ako" (Help me) before the line went dead.

I called my mom's house to see if everyone there was ok. They were, and I told my mom what happened. I think it scared her too because she has been calling and texting like every 2 hours asking if MG and I were ok. Then I called my officemate Leah, since she was the last person I was with before I got the call. She said she was already home and she was fine.

I couldn't sleep last night thinking of the voice I heard. If you heard it, you would understand. I can only hope that whoever that person was is ok now.

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