Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Simplemind... Literally

A friend from highschool recently got stabbed after she was robbed in a cab in Makati. You always hear the warnings: lock the door immediately after getting in. Be it in a car or a cab. She didn't. So robbers were able to get in the cab with her, and rob her, and then stab her.

She's ok now.

This morning, I got into the back of a cab, and tried to lock the doors immediately after getting in. The front seat was pushed far back so I couldn't reach the front door lock from where I was sitting. I asked the cab driver to lock it. He just looked at the lock and sighed loudly and did nothing. That annoyed me, but just a little, maybe he just didn't understand me the first time. So I asked again. And this is when it got really annoying.

He tried to reach for the lock from the driver's seat without leaning a bit to the side. Of course he won't reach it. He then turned to me looking annoyed and said...

Driver: Ikaw naman, ang aga-aga eh... (It's still early)
(turned his head back on the road, WITHOUT locking the freakin' front door, and then in an angry tone...)
Driver: Bakit, na-hold-up ka na ba? (Why, have you ever been robbed?)

I snapped. Either his cab company name suits him really well (Simplemind) ir he was planning to rob me that's why he wants the front door left unlocked.

Me (in an equally angry tone with a look that says he will disintegrate if he doesn't shut up soon): Hindi pa, pero bakit ko ir-risk? Kailangan ko pa ba hintayin na ma-hold-up ako? Paki-lock. (No, but why should I risk it? Do I have to wait until I get robbed? Please lock the door.)

As expected, that shut him up until I reached my destination and he finally did lock the door.

Was that so hard to do? Of course, he didn't get a tip.

Cab details:
TYB 878
Phone Number: 277-30xx

Here's one more thing. I tried to call the number painted inside the cab door. The lady who answered told me that the number I called is not a cab company and she has never heard of Simplemind. That's why I hid the last 2 digits. Before I hung up, I just told the lady that her home number is painted inside some cab roaming around Manila.

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