Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Helaena Comes Home

Irene and Helaena finally left the hospital yesterday so I rushed home to mommy's house after work to finally pinch little baby's cheeks. But I took a little detour to SM for baby socks because mommy said that the booties they got Helaena kept slipping off her small feet.

Yey! Tita loves any legitimate excuse to go footwear shopping!

At SM, I had about 8-10 pairs in my basket because there were so many to choose from and the baby socks were so cute. I decided to call my mom to ask exactly how many pairs they need.

Janelle: Mommy, how many do you need?
: Just get one.
Janelle: What do you mean one??? One piece???
: No, one pair!
: I know that! But what do you mean one??? I have about a dozen here in my cart already.
: Ok fine make it two. We already have 3 pairs of socks plus her booties. We just need a few extra until she can wear her booties already.
: Just two??? What colors do you have already? Baka wala pang ka-terno yung ibang outfit nya.
: What outfit?? (Janelle: hello, mom?? small onesies + blanket + mittens = outfit!! duh!) Hindi pa sya madunong nun. Ok, bahala ka na nga. Don't buy a lot, she won't be able to use them when she gets any bigger.

I managed to trim my purchases to 6 pairs, making sure that each of her cute onesies has a matching pair of baby socks, plus a few headbands and ribbons which Irene told me she can't use just yet... sad :(


xingkit said...

hahaha panic buying din ako dati, anything cute i can find. socks, clips, etc. :) ang sarap ng may baby girl!

Janelle said...

yep yep, ang sarap bihisan e :)