Tuesday, October 7, 2008

On Stupid Stalking

This has got to be the stupidest thing I ever did in my entire life... EVER!

I was surfing Facebook earlier when I was hit with a sudden desire to check if this particular person has an account there. I tried to search for her using her last known email address and this was the result*:

*note: The email address shown is not her real email address.

I guess I didn't read what was on the screen and thought it was a preliminary page before they do the search or something. All I saw was that her email was still in the box in the middle so I hit Enter.

Big mistake. The next screen I saw nearly made me fall off my chair:

Oh... freak...

Facebook just sent an invite to the email address of the person I was secretly stalking!

I felt the blood draining from my face as I slowly realized what I did. I searched for ways to undo the damage but it was a done deal... an email invite has been sent. And I am so dead.

Well, not really. So she will know I was stalking her as I know she was stalking me. (I saw her checking my profile on Friendster a month back. In fact, that's what put her back on my radar after all these years.)

Yes, dears, I do have too much time on my beautiful hands .

But that's not the point! The point is I think Facebook's page has a bad design . Hmph!


1. If you plan to stalk someone online, create a dummy account with a dummy email to do so.
2. Read the fine print before hitting any buttons.
3. If you can, stalk in a platform that can not be tracked back to you.

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