Friday, October 31, 2008

Helaena's Debut

After she and her mom gave lola and tita a scary, sleepless night last October 28, Helaena finally made her debut at the CMC Nursery yesterday (October 29, 2008) at 5PM. And just like her mom Irene when she was born, Helaena was also the cutest baby holding court at the nursery.

And no, I am not being biased. She IS the cutest baby there ;) I overheard a bunch of people talking as I was walking along the hallway on my way to the nursery, "pinaka-cute yung De la Fuente ano?". Yey!!! Proud tita *wink*

We actually first saw her at 3AM, about 4 hours after she was born, while we were waiting for news of her mom outside the delivery room. My mom buzzed the nursery (which is just in front of the delivery room waiting area) every hour asking if we can see Helaena already until the nurses finally agreed. And then during the first nursery viewing schedule at 11AM, Helaena was still in an incubator so we were only able to see her from afar.

It was long wait for 5PM when the nurses told us that they will be putting Helaena at the nursery with the other babies. And then there she was... a bit red, a bit wrinkly with little hair... but cute just the same!

I hope she looks like our side of the family *snub*. Hahaha! She is a Mendoza-Serrano AND a De la Fuente after all ;)

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