Thursday, September 25, 2008


I alternate between "fashionable conversation piece" and "dead rat".

My mom thinks it's cute. She should... she was the one who gave it to me Someone gave it to her as a gift after she expressed her admiration for this bag when she first spotted it. But since my mom belongs in the corporate world, she feels she won't be able to use this bag so she gave it to me.

MG hates it. I used it once when I went to the office. Then before heading home, MG and I dropped by the supermarket. When we got home, he was so mad at my bag, saying that people at the supermarket were all looking at my bag with dread He wants me to throw it away. And he won't stop bugging me until I promise that I won't use this bag ever again.

I told him I can't do that because I need a brown bag. I will only get rid of it when I get another brown bag... can all guess where this is heading...

I'm holding this bag hostage until MG gives me a new one.

NOTE: This post sounds so shallow!!! Why the hell am I worrying about brown bags? But you know what...right now, I'd rather be thinking about dead rat brown bags than other things so please indulge me.

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