Thursday, September 11, 2008

Turn My World Upside Down!

Upside-down House Opens in Germany

BERLIN (Reuters Life!) - A house that is entirely upside-down opened its doors to the public on the northern German island of Usedom this week.

The family-sized house, designed by Polish partners Klausdiusz Golos and Sebastian Mikiciuk for the Edutainment exhibition company, is furnished with chairs, tables and carpets stuck to the ceiling.

"We didn't do it for a reason (Janelle: that's good to hear). We just wanted to do something different," Mikiciuk told Reuters on Friday.

Over 100 people have inspected the house since it was opened on Thursday.

Upon entering the construction, visitors have reported feeling dizzy and disorientated. Although the house is safe, Mikiciuk said nobody would inhabit it permanently (Janelle: you think??) and it was meant purely as an exhibit.

"It was very difficult to make, and we financed it ourselves without the help of sponsors," Mikiciuk says. They were inspired by a range of similar buildings in Spain and America, in which the exterior of the house is upside-down, but not the interior.

(Reporting by Josie Cox; Editing by Matthew Jones)


A woman standing inside the upside-down bathroom

A man standing inside a room in the upside-down house

Another view of the upside-down house

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