Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Love 'em or Loathe 'em


You either love them or loathe them.

Some people say they are extremely comfortable, while I know a few who told me that Crocs are the most painful shoes their feet ever landed on. Some say they are fashionable, while some say they are extremely bulky.

I alternate between the two ideologies.

Last summer, for some reason, I was obsessed with the Alice and the Malindi models. Please don't ask me why. I just was. Thing was, when I tried them on, they didn't look right on my feet. So I figured they weren't for me. But the obsession persisted. So I ended up buying a lot of other shoes to compensate (seriously, I now realize, it wasn't worth it).

Going on vacation last July occupied me, driving thoughts of candy-colored plastic shoes from my head. I totally forgot about it and when I did remember, I couldn't understand what I saw in them.

Until it started raining. No... specifically since last Monday. It was raining hard when I went home from work. The short walk from my stop to my house was very uncomfortable as water was swishing and sloshing in my shoes, water running down my face as my umbrella was doing nothing to keep me dry, and thoughts of the new bag that I was carrying getting drenched was running through my water-befuddled mind. My 2-minute walk seemed to take forever!

Come Tuesday and I was smuggly celebrating while walking home as it started drizzling, thinking I can beat the rain before it starts pouring. That was until I reached the front gate and couldn't find my keys. I can hear the sky rumbling with laughter as I desperately searched my bag for those friggin' keys when it finally poured. For the second day this week... I was dripping wet when I entered my front door.

That's 2 pairs of shoes out of the running.

Hence, the idea of buying Crocs started playing around in my head again. I checked their website and they have new designs. My current favorites are the Cyprus, Juneau, and Lena. I hope to find something this weekend.

Today is Wednesday and it started raining early. I decided not to take my chances since I'm wearing felt-lined sandals that I really love and which I just bought (don't think me stupid for wearing something like this on a rainy day... the sun was shining when I left my house). In the hopes of getting home dry for the first time this week, I just asked MG to just pick me up from work.

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