Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stupid Ads... a certain brand selling Glutathione (a food supplement capsule that promises to make your skin whiter).

I saw this one billboard near SM North with a white Caucasian woman in it. It wasn't that bad, though it was obvious that the photo was edited to make her look very pale (shining, shimmering pale!). I already thought that was weird... you know, selling a product that tells Filipinos they can make your skin whiter, using a White Caucasian model whose skin tone as we all know, is white to begin with.

I hope no one is dumb enough to believe she got her white skin from all that Glutathione.

Then this morning, I saw another ad for the same product while I was on my way to office... this one showing one Caucasian Male and one Caucasian female. Both models are tanned.

If they are trying to send some message with their ads, I'm not getting it.

(NOTE: This brand also have ads featuring Filipino models).

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