Thursday, August 14, 2008


I was migrating some of our old photos from my back-up CDs to our new hard disc when I came upon these old photos. These are photos of my old desks from the 2 previous companies I used to work for.

This was my desk in SVI (12th floor):

Oh my gosh!!! Look at the mess!!! :(

Close-up of kikay stuff.

And this was my desk in Smart (8th floor):

Nice and clean this time! :)

Close-up of the left side... (yeah, yeah, I have OC tendencies)...

Close-up of the right side.

It's funny when I remember taking these photos. Both sets were taken a few weeks before I filed my resignation... but both were taken before I even had plans to resign.

The photos from SVI were taken after I bought a new phone and I was testing the camera feature. A few weeks after, I got the call from Smart, so I filed my resignation.

The photos from Smart were taken on the first working day of the month of January. I just got back from Christmas vacation and was checking the gifts I received from my team mates. I found places for them on my table, cleaned my desk, and was happy with the result so I decided to take pictures. And we all know what happened after that.

Amazing huh? Kinda like premonition.


xingkit said...

hmm, so when the itch comes to take a picture of the TrendMicro workstation, may premonition uli?

Janelle said...

yeah! hahahaha! but so far my desk is still messy and I have no desire whatsoever to clean it ;)