Friday, August 29, 2008

If you think this is for you... probably is.

1. Before you say anything... think!!!
  • Do I make sense?
  • Am I adding value to the conversation? Or do I just like hearing myself talk?
  • Do I say things because I know them for a fact? Or just to make myself look smart? (If it's the latter... didn't you ever think that people around you who does know can tell? Just a thought )

2. If you're wrong, admit it.

NEWSFLASH: It won't kill you... Wow! Amazing isn't it???

3. For people to believe you are credible... you SHOULD be.


xingkit said...

janelle, sino kaaway mo? :-)

Janelle said...

who? me??? *insert angelic look here* What makes you think may kaaway ako? :D hahaha!