Thursday, July 31, 2008

Learning How to Walk On my Own...

... two, high-heeled feet.

<-- Wearing this.

It was hard.

Pretty? Sure! Very.

But designed for comfort, they were not.


Maybe if you were walking on an even surface, carpeted preferably, you won't have issues. But not on the uneven, rough sidewalks that I have to brave every morning on my way to work. And definitely not on the uneven, tiled floor of the 16th floor.

The wooden frame makes this sandal rigid and won't flex or move with your feet when you walk. A slight bump on your walking surface can send you tumbling down in an embarrassing heap. And the base was a bit slippery too. And it was raining on my way home yesterday :(

Aaarrgghhh!! Why did I buy these? Actually, these were a gift from my tito and tita from LA... but I was the one who picked it. Because they are pretty!! See??? Look again, pretty pretty.

So will I wear these again? Probably. I'm stubbornly masochistic that way :( (Because it's pretty!!!)

But I will have to practice walking wearing them first before I take them out in this cruel, cruel world again.

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