Monday, June 23, 2008

Looking Good on Screen

I'm on the market for a new mobile phone.

A Sony Ericsson phone, preferrably (since both my phones right now are SE).
I started searching and found what I thought was the perfect phone: K850i. It's perfect because it has a 5-megapixel camera. Which is great because I also want to get a point-and-shoot camera and it's like getting 2 gadgets in one (saving me a lot of purse space!).

That was until I saw the actual unit.

It's ugly.

Really ugly.

I don't even know what else to say except that it's really, really ugly.

No offense to the people who bought this phone. The features are great that's why it caught my interest when I was checking it out. I'm just not satisfied with the aesthetics.

What was Sony Ericsson thinking???

I went to several stores, and looked at the phone several times. I was hoping that with time, my eyes will get used to it and I will begin to see it's beauty. (I really, really wanted to buy a new phone last weekend). Don't let the photo fool you... the actual unit looks like cheap plastic. It features a rectangular button at the center plated with either electric blue or green metallic paint but I think it chips easily. The paint on the display unit at the Sony Ericsson store were chipped and faded (what message are you trying to convey???).

For a while there I was feeling really low and even considered buying an N82 instead. It looked prettier. But I wanted matching phones (and the N82 is more expensive :)
So it was back to searching for me. I saw the C902 model online earlier. I'm going to the malls after work to check it out. Either that, or I wait for the newer models.

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