Monday, June 16, 2008

House Repairs

I visited my family in Bataan last weekend and we got to talking about a certain cousin who is obsessively clean. Being the easily influenced person that I am, I got to thinking about my own house...

...or rather, I'd rather not think about my house, it's stressing me out :(

Let's put it this way... 2 people living in a 3-bedroom house (4 if you count the maid's quarters). Both closets in the 2 spare rooms are full. The maid's room is the official bodega.

WAIT! Before you start thinking how inhuman we are... NO, WE DON'T HAVE A MAID. Ok? :)

Where was I? Oh yeah... storage areas. Then there's the attic, if you can call the small hole in the ceiling that leads to the roof that. And we have been known to throw things up at our attic just so we don't have to see them lying around (and no... I have no idea yet how we can retrieve them if ever we do know what to with those already).

Anyway, just to document my thought process early this morning as I was eating breakfast (which caused me to be late going to work! Because I couldn't stop thinking) when I decided that we have to get the house fixed next year. I decided to do it in steps, so I won't get so overwhelmed with everything (especially the cost!):

Step 1: Build small shed outside sliding glass door (YES, pwede ito! Don't ask me how yet basta I am determined to have one constructed there).

Step 2: Repaint downstairs.

Step 3: Buy new furniture: sofa set, dining table set (note to self: find out what to do with current furniture).

Step 4: Build a wall-to-wall bookshelf in the hall (where our current bookshelf/mini-bodega is located right now).

Step 5: Build kitchen cabinets/counter in the dining area (get rid of all the current shelves lining the wall). Repair all cabinets and shelves in the kitchen.

Step 6: Build linen cabinet on the 2nd floor hall (I need the closet space currently being occupied by linen).

Step 7: Replace all bathroom doors with pretty ones (the ones with stained glass).

Step 8: Clean out both spare rooms and the maid's quarters. Throw away everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) that shows no sign of current use and everything that I can afford to buy again even if I discover that I need it after I throw it away.

That's it for now. Target implementation date: March 2009.

I will update this by then to see how it works out ;) Wish me luck! (and lots of help)


nicquee said...

wow! madami-dami yan ah! you've got to make more moolah! hahahaha!

about your old stuffs, join garage sales! :)

good luck!

Janelle said...

Hay naku, oo nga e, kaya next year pa yung implementation date and step by step lang to give me more time to save and para di ako matabunan ng gastos ;)

cheri said...

good luck! tumaya ka na sa lotto, yung balato mo sakin itatayo ko rin ng bahay, heheheh...