Tuesday, June 10, 2008

An Action Star Bids Good-bye and 3-year old Twins Die From Poison Intake

Some news I picked up over the weekend:

Rudy Fernandez Bids Goodbye After Battle with Cancer

I was never a fan. For one, his movies are not really my genre. But you have to admit, "Rudy Fernandez" is a household name which I've been hearing since childhood. I didn't even know he had cancer. But then again, I don't pride myself on being up-to-speed with showbiz news. Surprisingly though, hubby knew about his cancer. How about that?

He died early morning of June 7.

Periampullary Cancer. Fancy name for a killer.

I only learned about it on the evening news. All weekend, tv stations have been competing for interviews with family and friends. It didn't matter though, the statements were the same, everyone admired him for the strength of character he showed everyone during his fight with cancer. Last interviews with him showed him strong, cheerful and hopeful. "See you next year!" he said to his guests on his 56th birthday last March. His last birthday.

3-Year Old Twins Die After Ingesting Chemical Used for Cleaning Jewelry

Another sad news.

3-year old twin boys died after drinking jewelry cleaner stored in a mineral water bottle. The mother said they thought it was water since the liquid was clear. The mother's sister was the one who left the bottle at their house.


I think I know the type of jewelry cleaner they were talking about. I think it's the same one I have at home. It's clear liquid which smells like Clorox with soap. It's very easy to use, just pour enough liquid into a container. Soak your silver or gold jewelry. And you will immediately see the results. No rubbing. No polishing. Something I noticed though, jewelry I cleaned this way tarnish easily so I have to cleam them often.

Anyway, back to the kids.

Parents blame the sister. Given the same circumstances, I think I would too. But come to think of it... the bottle was placed above the sink beyond the little boys' reach. Someone made them drink it. Whoever did, I'm surprised they didn't catch the smell. Opening the bottle will release a very strong smell. No one will mistake it for water.

Just my 2 cents.

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