Friday, May 30, 2008


My Version (I already saw something like this in an email once).

WHY... people keep hitting elevator buttons even when they can clearly see it was already pressed by someone else? (It's not as if hitting the button twice will make it stop at your floor twice! Particularly annoying in elevators where pressing twice actually cancels out the first... like the ones in my building... grrrr...) trike drivers keep stopping in front of you and yelling at you if you need a trike even when it's so obvious that you're hailing a cab. (Yelling at me loudly will not change the fact that I need a cab... not a trike. Happens every morning... *sigh*) cabs abound when you don't need them but are scarcer than a raincoat in summer when you actually do???? people keep ordering something that is already labelled sold out? (Is there another hidden meaning for "sold out" that someone forgot to tell me???)


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