Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Korina Quote for the Day

The cab I took to Eastwood this morning was tuned in to Korina's radio show with Ted. They were interviewing some guy about the minimum wage in the Philippines. I didn't catch the entire segment since my cab ride was only 15 minutes but I did catch this:

"...yung mga empleyadong may higher na minimum wage..."


clemente amador said...

Well the minimum wages differ from region to region. Metro Manila which has the highest cost of living has the highest minimum wage.

At that juncture of the interview, I think they were referring to employees in industries where the lowest salaries are above the minimum wage. For those companies, they will not be affected by the prospective increase in minimum wages unless some wage distortion sets in among the salary brackets.

Janelle said...

Hmm... sabagay oo nga ano? When I was doing my OJT in Laguna, I think their minimum wage is lower than that in Manila so minimum wage in Manila can in fact be reffered to as "higher minimum wage" :)

But I think at that point in the interview, they were talking about call center agents as an example. The whole sentence was something like "how about the other employees with a higher minimum wage"... I think pertaining to call center agents who receive more than the minimum wage. That's why the sentence struck me as wrong. They were discussing if they and other people with rates higher than the minimum wage will be affected by the hike.

Oh well :)