Friday, April 18, 2008

1 Million "Thank you's"

To my friends who deserve a million thanks, go to this link:


Stop reading right here if you want to find out for yourself what happens when you reach the millionth "Thank You!"


It took 24 hours for hoops and yoyo to finish the 1 million thank you's. I left my PC on overnight so I can check in the morning what happens after the millionth thank you.

So what happens??


They just kept saying thank you even when the count exceeded 1 million.

Haaaaaayyyy buhay... pag wala ka nga naman magawa


bob holt said...

This is bob, the creator of hoops&yoyo
I just wanted to let you know that I'll have something happening at the million thank you mark soon. I created the card a few years back. At the time I lacked the action script skills to make the card stop at a million. I still lack the skills but have now found a smart guy. We'll announce on our blog when the ecard is updated.
Sorry for the disappointing ending
B ob

Janelle said...

Great! Looking forward to the new version :)

Lance Fordham said...

Any idea if this has been updated? If so, do you know what happens now at 1-million thank yous?